An advertisement video from PSA is being criticized as too graphic for exposing bloody images of an accident caused while a teen is texting while driving.

But for others, the video which is produced by UK's Gwent Police Department is a real representation of the risks and tragedies a driver can cause for his actions.

The PSA video starts with a fun trip of 3 young ladies in a compact car but it drastically turns into a crude scene after the lady driving seems to be excitedly texting on her cell phone. As she gets distracted from the road she crosses the lane and smashes into another vehicle that was coming in the opposite direction.

The messages contained in the film are as relevant to the people of Tennessee as they are to the residents [of Wales], Gwent's Chief Constable Mick Giannasi said on the department's Web site. Texting and driving can have tragic consequences, and the more this film is viewed, the better.

The video is not recommended for people under 18.

Watch the video-commercial below: