A Florida man was arrested on child abuse charges last week after he allegedly hit an underage girl with a long switch, striking her to the beat of Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines.”

According to an arrest report from the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office obtained by the Smoking Gun, 40-year-old Steven Fillingim, of Pensacola, hit the underage victim because she skipped school.

“When she got home [Sept. 12] … Fillingim pretended not to know and acted as though everything was normal,” the report stated. “At approximately [9 p.m.] that night, [Fillingim] knew she skipped school, and began to hit her on the backs of both thighs with a switch, which was approximately 2.5 feet in length.”

According to the report, Fillingim hit the girl, whose name was redacted from the report but appears to be his daughter, for 40 minutes “using the switch like a whip.”

As Fillingim was allegedly beating the girl, he “played the Robin Thicke song ‘Blurred Lines,’ striking her with the switch to the beat of the music.”

The report claims Fillingim recorded the alleged abuse on his cell phone and sent a recording of the incident to his girlfriend, Lisa Coleman, via text message.

A sheriff’s deputy viewed the video, which was titled “She’s Home,” according to the report. The deputy said the video shows an object resembling a long, thin switch that is “repeatedly struck across the backs of the upper thigh area of a person’s legs. The face of the person in the video is not visible; however, the portion of the legs is in the same area where I observed bruising on [the victim’s] legs.”

Coleman told authorities about other times Fillingim allegedly abused the victim, saying she saw her boyfriend hit the girl with a belt and force her to hold weights.” She told the deputy she was scared of Fillingim and had recently broken up with the Pensacola man.

Following the incident, the victim was left with her mother after authorities determined that Fillingim “is violent towards children” and “abuses alcohol.” The Florida Department of Children and Families was also notified of the alleged child abuse.

Fillingim was taken to the Escambia County Jail, according to the report. He was not given bail.