The BMW Museum is hosting a special exhibition dedicated to commemorating the development of the big BMW coupés and convertibles in Munich. Starting on Oct. 28 and scheduled to finish in September, 2012, the exhibition will feature 14 outstanding exhibits that span the years 1937 to 2011. The exhibition, titled The Line of Beauty, will take visitors on a historical journey through the world of elegant sports cars.

Preliminary design studies and original hand sketches from the BMW Group Archives recall the longstanding design tradition and leading international stylists that have left their profound imprint on the image and identity of the BMW brand to this day.

The curtain will be raised by the BMW 327 Sports Convertible and BMW 327/28 Sports Coupé, both of which rank among the most attractive automobiles of the pre-war era. The BMW 502 Coupé and the convertible of the same name, along with the BMW 503 Coupé, reflect the luxury and elegance spawned by the economic miracle of the 1950s.

The 1960s were ushered in by the Bertone-designed BMW 3200 CS, before the BMW 2000 CS - with its formal language firmly in the mould of BMW's New Class - signaled a turning point in the history of BMW coupés and convertibles.

The 1970s were launched under the banner of the elegant BMW 3.0 CSi, followed in 1976 by a second milestone in the shape of BMW's first 6 Series range. The journey through time leads visitors to the BMW 8 Series of the 1990s en route to the second 6 Series range, which rings in the new millennium. Rounding off the exhibition are the new BMW 6 Series Convertible and the new BMW 6 Series Coupé, which was unveiled to the public this year.

Creating a special bridge between the past and the future is a project initiated by the BMW Museum back in the summer of 2011 and the event will also feature design classes held by three renowned design and art schools. With its historical and contemporary exhibits, The Line of Beauty - The big BMW Coupés and Convertibles will inspire students to fashion new forms and forge new ideas. In a series of workshops, young designers will analyze historical styles of automotive design, the BMW heritage and their own national tradition.