Boardwalk Empire is a real kingpin.

HBO has decided to renew its organized crime series for a third season.

Despite the fact that the show is said to be on the most expensive tickets on the HBO line-up, with an $18 million budget for the pilot episode alone, HBO is staying put.

The second season, currently airing, premiered on Sept. 25 with 2.9 million viewers.

Steve Buscemi plays Nucky Thompson, the bootlegger and political heavyweight in Prohibition-era Atlantic City.

The series was created by Terence Winter who was also a producer of HBO's other mob hit The Sopranos.  

Other producers include big names such as Martin Scorsese, Mark Wahlberg, Tim Van Patten, and Stephen Levinson.

Before the initial premiere in 2010, Winter thought that the series may be too ambitious an idea for the TV. Obviously, Winter and the team were able to pull it off.

Dexter may face a watery grave.

The popular Showtime series has not yet been renewed for another season.

The show is currently in its sixth season but there is no final word in regards to a seventh.

The supposed contract discrepancy is over a $4 million dispute, reports Screen Rant. Michael C. Hall, who plays the lead character Dexter, and his representatives are supposedly asking for $24 million for another two seasons of the series. Showtime is only willing to offer $20 million.

At $20 million a season, Hall would be one of the highest-paid actors on television, earning $800,000 per episode.

Dexter is still Showtime's highest rated show.

The Simpsons may follow close behind. America's beloved yellow family could say goodbye once and for all if FOX does not renew the show for a 24th season.

Again, it all boils down to the almighty dollar.

FOX will not order another season if the six main voice actors do not cut their salary by 45 percent. They each make $8 million per year, according to Slash Film.