width=398The National Enquirer's been having a field day with Whitney Houston's death. First they published the controversial casket shot of Whitney Houston, sparking national outrage and a weeks-long tabloid manhunt to find the leaker, and now that Whitney's dead and buried, they've moved onto their next target: daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown.

The supermarket tabloid's cover has a paparazzi shot of Bobbi Kristina Brown and her adoptive brudder Nick Gordon, with the text: Daughter Bobbi Kristina marrying Whitney's drug dealer - and she's having his baby.

First of all, calling Nick Gordon Whitney's drug dealer is a bit much, even for the hard-hitting U.S. gossip rags – just about every invective in the book has been hurled against Nick Gordon, but drug dealer? That's a new one.

The rumors, of course, aren't coming from nowhere – there has been considerable speculation in recent weeks that Bobbi Kristina and Nick Gordon are more than just adoptive siblings. Bobbi Kris was spotted recently wearing an engagement ring, and Nick's repeated no comment to the paps on their relationship have many wondering what he's not telling us.

But pregnant? That's a new one!

The issue also contains a whopper about Bobby Brown: he's got sex tapes of him and Whitney, according to the National Enquirer.

Seriously, Bobby? Get in line!

This is the second rumor of sex tapes to emerge in two days – yesterday the talk was about Whitney's rumored 31-year-old lover Ray J and his desire to cash in on sex tapes he made with Whitney. (Beyond being Brandy's younger brother, Ray J made a name for himself a few years ago when he was featured in Kim Kardashian's sex tape, launching her career into the stratosphere, while leaving him behind to deny sex tape rumors to TMZ.)

So what do you think? Are the rumors about Bobbi Kristina Brown's pregnancy and Bobby Brown's own sex tapes true, or is the National Enquirer just trying to wring every last bit of gossip from this story before the Whitney family fades into obscurity?