The unrest in the houses of Brown and Houston continues, but this time it’s Brown against Brown. After Bobbi Kristina Brown’s Aunt Leolah Brown claimed Pat Houston wanted to “pull the plug" on their niece so she could inherit her $20 million estate in an epic Facebook tirade, Bobby Brown sided with the Houstons, TMZ reported Thursday. The singer said his sister lied about Pat’s alleged death wish.

Bobby, the father of Bobbi Kristina, is “indignant” that Leolah said Pat, the sister of Whitney Houston, wanted to let her die because her medical expenses were consuming a possible inheritance, a source told TMZ. Why would she lie about such a thing? Bobby reportedly thinks it’s for “attention.”

In the lengthy Facebook post Tuesday, Leolah, who changed her profile picture to show her brother, Bobbi Kristina and the late Whitney Houston, threatened to spill more secrets during a radio interview. “Stay tuned for my interview coming up as soon as I can get to a radio station that will bring me on UNEDITED! That I may get the truth out without taking my words and twisting them all up! And I'm going to do it for NO MONEY at all!” she wrote.

Bobbi Kristina Brown “We will never give up on her!” Aunt Leolah Brown said about Bobbi Kristina (pictured) in a new Facebook post Tuesday. Photo: Getty Images/Christopher Polk

“It is evident & obvious that SOMEONE just does not want to see my niece LIVE,” she said about Pat Houston, whom she called Pat Garland. “YES, Pat Garland did have that nerve to say that to Bobbi Kristina's father Bobby.”

Pat Houston did not respond to Leolah’s rant.

Bobbi Kristina Brown, 22, has remained in the hospital after she was found unconscious in the bathroom of her Georgia home Jan. 31. Her cousin Jerod Brown and Aunt Leolah have regularly taken to Facebook to post updates about her and also to slam the Houstons, who they said do not have Bobbi Kristina’s best interest at heart.

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