The feud between the Houstons and Browns continued to rage on as Bobbi Kristina Brown remains unconscious. Aunt Leolah Brown took to Facebook Tuesday to slam rumors after she heard the “lie” that her niece was going to be brought home to die.

“Bobbi Kristina Brown is not on life support anymore,” Leolah wrote in all capitals. “We will never give up on her!” She then added that Pat, whose real name is apparently Marion Patricia Watson Garland, “sarcastically” asked Bobby Brown to “pull the plug” on Bobbi Kristina since it is “costing too much money to keep her alive!”

Leolah claimed that Pat wants to take Bobbi Kristina, 22, off life support so she can receive her estate. “If Pat knew The God that I know, instead of trying to inherit my niece's money for her personal gain, she would mind her own business and go find A JOB for herself without continuously working so hard to destroy my niece, beg her for money and get angry when she cannot get it! She would stop using the Houston name for her personal agenda,” she wrote in part of her lengthy post.

Bobbi Kristina Bobbi Kristina Brown's cousin Jerod Brown has planned a global tour to raise funds for the ongoing treatment of her sister. Photo: Reuters/Andrew Kelly

Leolah added: “If anyone could turn in their grave it would be Whitney Houston! Pat has NO RIGHT WHATSOEVER to be anywhere near my niece’s Estate!”

She finished her Facebook rant with asking people to check out a future radio interview: “This ain't nothing! There is so much more to come!!!”

Click here to read the full Facebook statement.

Bobbi Kristina was found unresponsive in bathtub on Jan. 31. Friend Max Lamas called for emergency assistance and Bobbi Kristina was rushed to the hospital. The Browns and the Houstons have remained at odds since Bobbi Kristina’s accident. Last month, Bobby Brown received full custody of his daughter, which grants him the rights to her $20 million estate that she inherited from her mother, Whitney Houston.

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