Bobbi Kristina Brown’s half-brother, Bobby Brown Jr., broke his silence Wednesday after the release party for his new single, “Bobby Got Juice.” Bobby did not comment about his sister’s hospitalization while she was alive but instead focused on his music. That changed after her death at Peachtree Christian Hospice Sunday.

He started out his post by thanking the people who attended his release party but then issued a request for privacy. “People really don’t give a f--- about you unless you’re relevant, and they don't love you till you’re famous or gone. I don't want these follows,” he said.

Bobby then wrote about mourning his late sister, who tragically died at the age of 22. “Your follows ain't gonna fill the hole in my heart, and y’all gon unfollow me once you stop caring,” he tweeted. “This is real life for me; this is my life, my sister. Not a f------ trending topic.”

Bobby continued to elaborate on his pain. “People wanna be able to say they feel my pain. But nah. You f------ don't, you have no idea. You haven't been thru half of it,” he wrote to his nearly 4,000 followers. “I'm too real for this s---. I don't want you following me unless it's for my music; that's what my social network is for.”

He also hinted about the raging feud between the Brown and Houston families. “When Whitney passed, the Houstons made it a f------ show. Because of that, you made my sister feel like we weren't there for her [when] she needed us,” he said.

Concrete plans have not been set for Bobbi Kristina Brown’s funeral because the feuding families cannot put their differences aside, a source told People magazine. For now, it’s rumored that the service will take place on Saturday and that she will be buried with her late mother in New Jersey.

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