At least one person has died and two injured by a bomb blast that struck near military police headquarters near the Mediterranean resort of Antalya in Turkey.

Deputy Governor Recep Yuksel said the attack occurred in Goynuk, on the city's outskirts of the city, and far from areas frequented by tourists.

Local media indicate that a suicide bomber may have set off the explosion as he approached a security checkpoint near the building.

Reports indicate the blast damaged some cars and other buildings in the vicinity.

Yuksol told the state-run Anatolia news agency that the cause of the explosion was determined, along with the identity of the dead person.

Turkey has seen a recent wave of similar bombings. Last week, a suspected car bomb killed three people in the capital of Ankara.

Most of these attacks have been blamed on the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK), the outlawed Kurdish nationalist organization, although some assaults have also been carried out by Islamic militants and leftists as well.

However, a group calling itself The Kurdistan Freedom Hawks, a militant group connected to the PKK, tool responsibility for the Ankara car bombing and threatened more attacks in retaliation for Turkish military strikes on PKK targets in southeastern Turkey and neighboring Iraq.