An 18 year old girl was forced to wear an elaborate and sophisticated bomb device around her neck after an assailant broke into the teenager's home.  Police spent the next 10 hours working to free the Australian teen from the live device preventing detonation and perhaps saving hundreds of lives in the wealthy Sydney town. 

According to New South Wales assistant police commissioner Mark Murdoch, the young lady is safe and is currently reunited with her family.  Investigations are now underway to determine the motive behind the plot.  Media speculates that the attempt was to extort money from the wealthy residence in the neighborhood. 

It was determined "far too early to say" to conclude if the device was part of a scheme to extort money from the teen's wealthy family.  A note was left behind but authorities refused to comment whether it was a ransom demand. 

A man wearing a ski mask forced the device onto the teenager's body by locking a collar around her neck then fled the scene.  The teen and the man conversed and directions were given to the teen not to reveal details about him but gave her permission to call the police. 

The bomber could possibly have known the residential area and that the teenager was daughter to a high profile businessman named William Pulver.  The Pulver resident is one of the richest families in Sydney according to the Daily Telegraph. 

Australian agencies, the British Military, and Police were involved during the intense hours of detonation.  The bomb was reported to be very elaborate and the bomb experts brought to the scene was able to recognize the device.  The device was carefully X-rayed before experts began to diffuse the bomb. 

The teenager was also accompanied by officers, bomb experts, and negotiators throughout the ordeal.  It is unconfirmed if the man who broke into the teen's mansion was the person who developed the bomb.  It is possible that more people may have been involved in the scheme.

"She's good - she's been kept in a very uncomfortable position...She has been and will be uncomfortable for a little while to come," said Murdoch.

The bomb scare was one that could've been seen in a Die Hard or action movie story plot.  Australia has never experienced this type of bomb extortion and are taking every measure to ensure safety among its citizens, explained a senior police officer. 

Authorities will continue to investigate and interview neighborhood residence in search of witnesses and clues.  Not suspects have been officially announced at this time.  The neighborhood was evacuated throughout the bomb scare and not injuries or deaths were reported. 

"The family are at a loss to explain this. You would hardly think that someone would go to this much trouble if there wasn't a motive behind it...We want to get our hands on who's done this," Murdoch said.