“DC Universe Online” just got bigger as the “Bombshells” and the “Black Lanterns” make their video game debut. The Black Lanterns will be part of the “Corrupted Zamaron” campaign, a continuation of the game’s “War of Light” storyline. The Bombshells will debut in “The Bombshell Paradox,” which will introduce a new environment and narrative. All of the content will be part of Episode 15.

“The Bombshell Paradox” is an eight-person operation that has players going back in time and battling on and off Batman villain Talia al Ghul. The master assassin plans on altering the events of World War II, creating a tear in reality. Players must stop Talia and fix whatever alterations Talia made to the timeline, according to the developer.

“Corrupted Zamaron” has online users teaming up with “Star Sapphire” Carrol Ferris as they take on the threat of the Black Lanterns. This storyline involves the Black Lanterns targeting the predator entity in Zamaron, where the Indigo Tribe lives in peace. The attack results in the Indigo Tribe being forced to join the “War of Light” and the players having to help defend them.

The episode is filled with debuts, as the Bombshells, Black Lanterns and Indigo Tribe make their first appearances in a video game. With two new campaigns and a number of comic book characters making their debut, Episode 15 looks to be one of the more interesting additions to “DC Universe Online.”

For those unaware, the Bombshells are a group of female superheroes that fought crime and World War II in an alternate DC universe. Members of the Bombshells include alternate versions of Wonder Woman, Power Woman, Harley Quinn and other female heroes. The Bombshells were originally just part of a variant cover theme for DC Comics, but the popularity of those covers led to a new digital-first comic series.

Newsarama has also confirmed that “Bombshell” versions of Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Catwoman and Harley Quinn will be available as playable legends in the game. Harley will be available once the episode is purchased, while the other three characters must be bought separately.

Members of “DC Universe Online” can purchase Episode 15 right now for free. Non-members of the game will be able to purchase Episode 15 on August 12. “DC Universe Online” is currently available as a free download for the PC, PS3 and PS4, with additional options to pay for a membership.

Let's Play Episode 15's "The Bombshell Paradox" (Credit: YouTube/DC Universe Online)