For the second time in three years, Bon Jovi topped the annual Billboard Boxscore as the highest money grossing touring act for 2010.

 The U.S. rockers grossed $147.8 million playing 69 sellout shows between November 22, 2009 and November 20, 2010, reports the Billboard magazine.

U2 is placed second in the list. They may have made it to the top post if not for cancellation of their North American leg of tour due to Bono’s back injury.

U2 earned $132.7 million from 22 sellout shows.

The band's achievement this year and previously in 2008 demonstrates that, remarkably, the group is hitting its touring peak 26 years after releasing its debut album, Billboard magazine wrote about Bon Jovi on Friday.

What it comes down to is Bon Jovi has always delivered on the promise of an incredible live show and has always remained current with records and singles. And the customer, who we love, responds, band co-manager Paul Korzilius, told the magazine.

Tours for rock bands are crucial for several reasons. It keeps them in the news and gets them solo album contracts (if they are lucky) and keeps the nostalgia alive.

This year, the story has been different. Touring has not been very lucrative for bands. Hit by tour cancellations, injuries and an economic downturn which in turn hit highly priced ticket sales, the overall attendance in concert tours came down to 65 million, a 12.3 per cent decrease. The collections saw a 26.4 per cent decrease in gross with $ 3.28 billion earnings.

In North America, the 11,555 shows reported to Billboard, touring grossed $2.1 billion, down 26% from last year. Attendance dropped 24.4% to 38 million.

Below is a list of Billboard’s top 10 tours of 2010 (till November)

1. Bon Jovi, $146 million
2. U2, $131 million
3. AC/DC, $122 million
4. Lady Gaga, $116 million
5. Black Eyed Peas, $81 million
6. James Taylor & Carole King, $62 million
7. Eagles, $62 million
8. Metallica, $61 million
9. Dave Matthews Band, $61 million
10. Paul McCartney, $55 million

 Tim McGraw came in at No. 13 in the country tour list while Taylor Swift came in at No. 15.