A 700-acre farm in Manchester, TN houses tens of thousands of people from all over for the Bonnaroo Music And Arts Festival. From Thursday, June 7 to Sunday, June 10 people will camp out and stay up till all hours of the night taking in 125 live performances, over 20 comedy acts and 75 different food options. Among these food options are three standout New York restaurants.

Yes, the farm is getting a taste of the Big Apple. The three New York restaurants to set up shop on Bonnaroo farm are Roberta's Pizza, Crif Dogs and Baohaus.

Take a minute to get to know the three New York restaurants before you mosey on down to Manchester, TN in the next couple days.

Roberta's Pizza

Roberta's is based out of Brooklyn, and according to the Bonnaroo brains, is a favorite in their area. The restaurants temporary home on the farm will be serving wood-fired pizzas. Don't believe this to be your average slice though. The pizza is made with homemade dough, hand-pulled mozzarella and locally grown vegetables.

Crif Dogs

New York is known for its dogs, and Crif is ready to give you a taste of the city. Over the four days on the farm, Crif Dogs will be frying up bacon-wrapped dogs. If this sounds to plain to you then think again. The New York restaurant will have toppings like avocado, sour cream, pineapple and teriyaki (among many others) for you to smother your hot dog with. Don't be disappointed in this restaurant just yet vegetarians. Crif Dogs will be serving their cruelty-free version of their famous dog, veggie dogs with hummus and pepperoncinis.


Baohaus, a Taiwanese New York eatery is doing something special and new with Bonnaroo this year. Baohaus' chef, Eddie Huang will be hosting food pop-ups. Chef Huang will be popping up around the farm to dish out complimentary bites of the restaurants food. To be fair, Chef Huang will also be giving out complimentary bites of some menu items from Eatbox, Roberta's and Crif Dogs. Look for food pop-ups anywhere from the Camping Pods to the Food Truck Oasis.

Are you excited for any of these New York bites to hit the farm?