Missing out on Tennessee's hottest music and arts festival? Didn't wait on the long lines to get into the Comedy Theatre Tent? Fear not, because Comedy Central will be airing Thursday afternoon's stand-up comedy experience on June 23.

The lines grew outside the tent as 1,700 people waited to file into the Comedy Theatre Tent. As the already-seated crowd went through multiple rounds of the wave, more droves weaseled their ways onto the bleachers that filled the inside of the tent.

And it definitely looked like a tent from the outside. However, those stepping into the air-conditioned area felt more like they were walking into a nightclub.

After the crowd in front of the stage was prepped for their big TV debut on Comedy Central, the Bonnarooians finally got the laughs they came for. One of the many comedians to take the Comedy Theatre Tent stage was Chelsea Lately regular Natasha Leggero.

As funny as Leggero is on TV, the tiny brunette, dressed to the nines in a black dress with stilettos and gold accessories, commanded the crowd's attention -- no, seriously. After getting howls from the audience when she started to talk, Leggero quickly shot them down with a stern voice, Don't do that.

The hilarity continued as Leggero talked about Taco Bell being the perfect place for a DUI checkpoint. Almost all the heads in the tent shook in agreement as late-night must have the Bell experiences popped into their minds.

The comedian, who spares no one's feelings, took some time to share her own feelings on one musical artist -- after checking to make sure he was not performing at Bonnaroo this year -- Usher. His lyrics sound like drunk texts, she joked, taking the time to sing some of them herself.

Leggero's set also got a little political, when the topic of abortion spurred her to say, F*** you, Mitt Romney. Ever the lady, though, the wonderfully funny and beautiful comedian curtsied at the end of her set before walking off.