Manchester, Tenn. - Maybe it was the long gaps between each song. Or maybe it was Thom Yorke's shrieking vocals. Or perhaps it was just the arrogance of one of the most famous bands in the world.

But while watching Radiohead with thousands of other fans at the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival I came to a realization that I long suspected was true: I really don't care for Radiohead.

I know that I'll be attacked and criticized for not bowing down and adoring Radiohead like many of the other Bonnaroo concertgoers, but their performance on Friday night simply didn't appeal to me.

Radiohead does appeal to a very specific type of fan and many of them were at the band's performance at Bonnaroo. There is no question that those fans were impressed by Radiohead's 25-song, 2 hour and 20 minute set - their longest of the current tour - that included everything from Lotus Flower to closing with Paranoid Android.

Radiohead also put together a cool video and light production to entertain fans that didn't get as close to the stage as they would have liked. But it's clear that Radiohead's performance is geared to a fan different than I i.e. a fan that consumed a lot of drugs ahead of the band's set.

Drugs will always be a part of the music culture and how fans take it in, but it seemed especially apparent at Radiohead. A sampling of this can be found by a tweet from the user @andrethefaivre, who said, Tried acid and saw radiohead. My life has been changed forever. #bonnaroo.

He was just one of many indulging in some illicit drug taking on Friday night.

There's nothing wrong with that, loving Radiohead, or a combination of the two.

It's just not for me.