One of the most bizarre things about the now-hospitalized Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is the discovery of his Twitter account, which he frequently used, even after he and his brother allegedly set off a pair of bombs that killed three people and injured 180.

One of the most unsettling images posted to the account was a black BMW bearing a license plate reading “Terrorista #1.”

On March 15, Tsarnaev posted a photograph to his Twitter account @j_tsar that shows several friends crowded around a black BMW with a novelty front-license plate from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth that reads “Terrorista #1,” The car supposedly belongs to one of Tsarnaev’s friends, the New York Post reported. Tsarnaev captioned the photo, "Place your bets."

Like many things in Tsarnaev’s Twitter feed, the image is disturbing only in retrospect. Before the bombings, Tsarnaev’s tweets read like those of almost any other 19-year-old's. Now, there seems to be hidden subtext everywhere that points toward something sinister. 

Take two of his last tweets. On the day of the bombings, the suspect tweeted:



On the surface, it simply seems to be a reassuring reference to a Jay-Z song during a time of tragedy. But the fact that Tsarnaev posted a message of safety so soon after allegedly targeting the lives of hundreds makes it appear to be a cruel joke in retrospect. 

Tsarnaev’s final tweet is even more chilling in hindsight. Posted two days after the bombings, the tweet simply read:



In context, it seems to point toward Tsarnaev having little to no remorse for his alleged actions, especially when taken with stories that he reportedly attended class at UMass Dartmouth two days after the bombing as if everything was fine.

BTW: Soon after Tsarnaev was named a suspect in the April 15 bombings that shook Boston, BroBible tracked down his Twitter account, which was later verified by several of Tsarnaev’s friends.