Rapper Bow Wow posted a series of cryptic messages on his social media accounts hours after announcing his retirement from music. The hip-hop star said earlier that he doesn’t see himself rapping as a 30-year-old.

The 29-year-old said, in a series of posts on Sunday and Monday that his final album will be the upcoming “NYLTH.” Erica Mena's former fiancé also revealed that he is currently working with Snoop Dogg for his final album, but no mention of a release date. Bow Wow rose to fame at the age of 13 as Lil’ Bow Wow but later began using his real name, Shad Moss.

Late on Monday, Bow Wow posted several messages about "love" and "life" on his social media accounts. He also spoke out about his daughter and how he has been spending time with her.

While answering some questions from his fans on his Twitter account, Bow Wow said about his last album: "This album is going to be very HARD!!! we will have to see im getting alot off my chest on this one."

As Lil’ Bow Wow, the rapper released his first album "Beware of the Dog" in 2000. He also appearing in movies such as Madea’s "Big Happy Family" and the TV crime series "CSI:Cyber."

“I always said I’d retire from music before 30,” the musician tweeted while announcing his retirement. “I just can’t see myself at 30 years old rapping.”

While some fans expressed their sadness over Bow Wow's retirements, others mocked the star on social media.

"Trending: Bow Wow Retires from Rap Game. Me: When Was He Ever in the Rap Game?" one Twitter user wrote. Another wrote: "Bow wow came out of retirement to tell us he's retiring lmao."