The “Fight of the Century” between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr. has been called a dud by many boxing critics and fans, but the Filipino champion wants another shot at the undefeated American next year. Pacquiao claimed in a recent interview that his shoulder injury is fully healed and he is looking forward to meeting Mayweather again in 2016.

“I can lift my shoulder like this. No problem any longer,” Pacquiao stated while rotating the shoulder to reporters in Japan where he was helping the Philippine basketball national organization in the country’s bid to host the FIBA World Cup of Basketball in 2019.

China won the bidding process against the Philippines, 14-7, and will be the host of the basketball world championships.

Pacquiao was also asked about the first fight against Mayweather, whom Pacquiao accused of “running away all the time.” In interviews about the bout last May, he also claimed that he “deserved the victory.”

“I’d like to concentrate my efforts on working as a politician this year, and want to fight Mayweather in a rematch. I’ll be ready for that mentally and physically next year. I’ll show a better performance against him than in the first encounter,” Pacquiao added in the interview.

Unlike other boxing critics, Pacquiao also showed respect for Mayweather’s selection of unheralded Andre Berto for a fight in September, describing Mayweather’s opponent as “fast and strong.” He also said that the Mayweather-Berto bout will be a “good fight.”