Hollywood couple Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk will have separate Thanksgiving celebrations this year. Fans thinking that the couple’s Thanksgiving “separation” is a sign that Cooper and Shayk’s relationship has soured will be disappointed with the news.

A source told E!News that the two won’t be spending the upcoming holidays together given Shayk’s work commitments in London. Despite missing out on a traditional Thanksgiving gathering with Cooper’s family, the E!News source stated that the couple will be together on Christmas and New Year’s Eve. The source added that the two will most likely spend the December holidays with Cooper’s mom.

The Thanksgiving holiday would have been another perfect opportunity for Shayk to meet Cooper’s family and friends again. A few months back, the “Guardians of the Galaxy” actor took Shayk to meet his mother and friends during the Labor Day holiday. The couple even stayed in Cooper’s mother’s house, where the Russian model helped with home chores.

Meanwhile, the insider also told E!News that “things are getting serious” between Cooper and Shayk. The source added that the actor and Shayk’s families “couldn’t be happier” of their growing closeness and relationship. The E!News insider even shared that Cooper and Shayk has already talked about marriage and having a family, although the source explained that it won’t be happening anytime soon.

The Hollywood couple, who started dating in April, has been spending a lot of time together and were even seen being sweet to each other on several occasions. The latest romantic spotting was on Sunday, Nov. 22, where Cooper and Shayk enjoyed a stroll in New York City, People magazine reported.

To ward off the chill during their stroll, Cooper wore a black leather jacket with a navy blue beanie. Shayk, on other hand, wore a fur-trimmed parka. The two were even photographed holding hands during their Sunday walk.

Apart from a Sunday stroll, Cooper and Shayk spent quality time together in New York and even went on a date to see Adele’s show held on Nov. 17, at Radio Music Hall.