Brandon Mroz, a 20-year-old figure skater from Missouri, has made figure skating history by succesfully executing a quadruple Lutz jump for the first time in figure skating competition history.

Mroz landed the impressive jump over a month ago at the Colorado Springs International, but the official success of his quadruple Lutz was not confirmed by the International Skating Union until Wendesday.

The ISU said it was the first quadruple Lutz performed in any sanctioned competition in the history of figure skating.

A Lutz is a toe-pick-assisted jump taken off from a back outside edge and landed on the back outside edge of the opposite foot, according to the U.S. Figure Skating Association. The jump is named for its inventor, Alois Lutz.

Lutz was an Australian figure skater who first performed the Lutz in 1913.

U.S. Figure skater Donald Jackson performed the first triple Lutz at the World Figure Skating Championships in 1962.

Watch Mroz in action here -- and note the one-footed landing:

Mroz sat for an interview with NPR Thursday. An audio transcript of the interview will be available at 7 p.m. EST.