"Breaking Bad" star Aaron Paul delivered an early Christmas gift for his fans Friday, releasing an iPhone app that lets users greet their friends with his signature phrase: "Yo, bitch!"

The new app, called "YB," lets you send audio recordings of Paul saying variations of the "bitch" greeting to other users of the app -- similar to the "Yo" app released earlier this year. 

"Yo, bitch!" was popularized by Paul's "Breaking Bad" character, Jesse Pinkman, who would say it often throughout the Emmy-winning AMC series. 

The app is free to download and comes with "Yo, bitch!" as well as three other versions of the phrase: annoyed, excited and whispered. Users can buy additional phrase packs for 99 cents each. The "Greetings Pack," for example, includes "Bonjour, bitch" while the "Love Pack" comes complete with "Will you marry me, bitch?"

Upon downloading the app and registering for an account, users are greeted with a note from the actor. "Yo, bitch, thank you for downloading this app. This is meant to be fun, and we can have fun with this -- just don't get your friends fired. Your pal, AP," the note reads.

Unfortunately, Android users will have to wait until early 2015 before they can start calling their friends and loved ones bitches, according to a tweet from Paul Friday.