Articles by Salvador Rodriguez

Salvador Rodriguez is the Silicon Valley Correspondent for the International Business Times, focused on covering Google, Apple, Yahoo and diversity within the tech industry. Previously, Rodriguez was the lead tech blogger and gadget reviewer for the Los Angeles Times. He has also interned with the New York Times in Arizona, the Arizona Republic and the Houston Chronicle. Rodriguez was born in Mexico, raised in Texas and earned his journalism degrees at Arizona State University. One of his special skills is the ability to name all the Super Bowl winners in order from memory. 


Google Bailing Out Of Robotics

The tech giant is looking to sell Boston Dynamics, the unit that became a YouTube darling for its human- and animal-like creations.

Tech’s Equal-Pay Problem

Compensation of male and female software engineers can differ by as much as $10,000 annually, a study found. But some companies are attempting to bridge the gap.

Federal Judge Rules For Apple

A federal judge said a 1789 law cannot be used to force Apple to unlock the iPhone of a suspected drug trafficker.

Cracks Appear In Tech’s Support Of Apple

Major tech companies have been publicly backing Apple in its dispute with the FBI, but some privately wish they weren’t going to the mat for the dead San Bernardino shooter’s iPhone.