“Star Wars Battlefront” has had its fair share of criticisms since the game was released earlier this month. While the game continues to be a best seller on consoles and computers, many have criticized the shooter for not having enough options or modes, but it looks like no one is angrier than “Breaking Benjamin” lead singer Benjamin Burnley.

The rocker expressed his hatred of the game on his Instagram account, according to GameSpot. It seems like the singer really hates the game, as he actually broke the Xbox One CD and took a picture of what was left, later sharing it on Instagram along with his disgust.

Burnley stated that he would rather watch the “Star Wars” prequels than play “Battlefront.” Considering how the singer also insulted the prequels in the same sentence, it’s really clear as to how much he hates the game.

However, Bleeding Cool pointed out that the singer didn’t express a specific reason for hating the multiplayer shooter. While critics have pointed out the lack of any single-player and the overly expensive season pass, Burnley just ended up swearing a lot about how the game was bad without saying why it wasn’t any good.

Still, the companies gave him a copy of the game hoping for some positive press and the complete opposite happened. The “Breaking Benjamin” lead isn’t the only celebrity that the game’s marketing team has gone to, as they were able to get Anna Kendrick to star in a live-action trailer for “Star Wars Battlefornt.”

Burnley’s band “Breaking Benjamin’ has had an interesting history with video games. The band made the song “Blow Me Away” for Microsoft’s blockbuster shooter “Halo 2.” Two of the band’s songs -- Polyamorous and Firefly -- were in the soundtrack of the WWE game “Smackdown vs Raw” for the PlayStation 2.

It will be interesting to see if EA Games or DICE have enlisted other celebrities to help promote the game. The game continues to get a mixed reception from gamers and critics alike.

“Star Wars Battlefront” is available now for the PS4, Xbox One and PC. The $50 season pass is available for purchase and guarantees plenty of new content for the shooter.

Why I Refuse To Buy Star Wars Battlefront! (Credit: YouTube/Jeremy Jahns)