Gamers have been flocking to "Star Wars Battlefront" since it hit stores last Tuesday. The massively hyped multiplayer experience is the best-selling game in the U.K., according to GfK Chart-Track. As for who is playing the game, there are more PS4 players than PC and Xbox One users combined, based on real-time player tracking site

The site, developed by Dominik Herbst, tracks the number of players currently playing "Star Wars Battlefront." The site has been tracking player stats since "Battlefield 2" was released in 2005. Based on the peak number of players in a 24-hour span, the PS4 dominated the competition. There were 183,329 PS4 users playing "Star Wars Battlefront" compared to 104,993 for the Xbox One and 48,292 for the PC. At press time, there were 83,856 PS4 players, 25,950 Xbox One players and 19,376 PC players.

For other games, the split among platforms is much more even. For "Battlefied 4," the peak number of players for PC reached 33,782, 18,297 for Xbox One and 32,253 for PS4. The PS3 -- with 29,925 players at its peak in the last 24 hours -- and the Xbox One -- 18,297 players -- were also very popular among gamers. "Battlefield Hardline" was more popular on the PS4 (10,392) than the Xbox One (7,536) and PC (2,290).

EA has not released total sales to-date for "Star Wars Battlefront," but GfK Chart-Track reports the PS4 version of the game was the best-selling title for the week ending Nov. 21. The Xbox One version of "Star Wars Battlefront" was in second place. EA projected sales of "Star Wars Battlefront" to reach 13 million by March, but it's up against some stiff competition. "Halo 5: Guardians," "Call of Duty: Black Ops 3" and "Fallout 4" are still selling incredibly well. Another factor to consider is the bump in sales from last-gen consoles Xbox 360 and the PS3, notes the Wall Street Journal's Digits blog.