The final film of the “Twilight Saga” earned an impressive $141 million at the U.S. box office for its opening weekend, topping both “Skyfall” and “Lincoln,” reports Box Office Mojo. “Breaking Dawn Part 2” was at an advantage, being the only new big release for the Nov. 16 weekend.

The last run for Bella Swan and Edward Cullen earned a meager 48 percent freshness rating from critics, according to Rotten Tomatoes, in contrast to the 88 percent freshness rating from audiences.

“Whatever happens before it, the finale is a doozy, almost certain to be satisfying to fans and impressive even to the casual 'Twilight' viewer,” writes Roger Moore of the McClatchy-Tribune News Service. “But so much of what comes before that payoff in 'Breaking Dawn - Part 2,' the conclusion to 'The Twilight Saga,' is mundane, dull, all talk and no action.”

The film franchise staring Robert Pattinson, Kirsten Stewart and Taylor Lautner is no stranger to harsh reviews. The highest critically rated film in the series is “Eclipse,” with the third “Twilight” film earning a 49 percent freshness rating.

"Breaking Dawn Part 2" now holds the second highest grossing open weekend out of all five "Twilight" films. "Twilight" earned $69 million, "New Moon" brought in $142 million, "Eclipse" initially grossed $64 million and "Breaking Dawn Part 1" made $138 million in their respective opening weekends. 

As is the norm for the Stephenie Myers franchise, the box office didn’t reflect the critical response. The latest James Bond film “Skyfall” came in second, trailing by nearly $100 million. The latest 007 adventure took in only $41 million this past weekend with a 92 percent freshness rating.

Steven Spielberg's Abraham Lincoln biopic grossed $21 million in its second weekend out, but only its first on wide release. Steven Spielberg’s “Lincoln” holds a 90 percent on Rotten Tomatoes.

Also coming in on the top grossing list according to Box Office Mojo are “Wreck-It Ralph” with $18 million, “Flight” with $8 million, “Argo” with $4 million, “Taken 2” with $2 million, ”Pitch Perfect” with $1 million, “Here Comes the Boom” with $1 million and “Hotel Transylvania” with $942,000.