Friday marks the highly anticipated release of the final "Twilight" installment, "Breaking Dawn: Part 2." Based on the film's previous earnings and the publicity surrounding the off-screen relationship between Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, the conclusion of the beloved franchise is expected to easily dominate the box office this weekend. 

The unwavering support of dedicted fans, known as Twi-hards, has led "The Twilight Saga" to become  a global phenomenon that won't soon be forgotten. 

Here's a look back at "Twilight's" blockbuster success. 

2007: Summit Entertainment acquires the rights to Stephenie Meyer's 2005 young adult novel, "Twilight." 

January 2008: "Twilight" begins filming. 

Nov. 14, 2008: Summit announces that it has acquired the rights the rest of the books in the series including "New Moon," Eclipse" and "Breaking Dawn." 

Nov. 21, 2008: "Twilight" hits theaters and grosses $35.7 million on its first day of release. The following day, Summit announce plans to adapt "New Moon" for the screen. The film goes on to gross $408 million worldwide. 

April 2009: "New Moon" begins production. 

May 2009: Life and Style magazine reports that Pattinson and Stewart have embarked on an off-screen romance. Rumors surrounding their relationship remain a driving force in the saga's popularity. 

July 2009: Summit confirms that the third installment in the series, "Eclipse," will begin production prior to the release of "New Moon." 

Nov. 20, 2009: "New Moon" is released and breaks box office records. The film earns a whopping $23.6 million during midnight showings and pulls in over $709 worldwide. 

June 10, 2010: Summit confirms that the film adaptation of "Breaking Dawn" will be split into two parts. The studio also announces that both films will be shot at the same time. 

June 30, 2010: "Eclipse" hits theaters. The film earns more than $64 million during its first weekend of release and goes on to earn over $698 million globally. 

October 2010: "Breaking Dawn: Part 1" begins production. 

Nov. 18, 2011: "Breaking Dawn: Part 1" debuts to a $138 million opening and goes on to earn over $705 million worldwide. 

July 25, 2012: Photos of Stewart engaged in a romantic embrace with her "Snow White and the Huntsman" director Rupert Sanders are published by Us Weekly. A media frenzy begins, and "Twilight" fans take to the Web to share reactions ranging from outraged to supportive

Stewart quickly issues an apology stating: "This momentary indiscretion has jeopardized the most important thing in my life, the person I love and respect the most, Rob. I love him, I love him, I'm so sorry." 

Ironically, this marks the first public admission of her relationship with Pattinson. 

Oct. 2012: Rumors that Pattinson and Stewart have reconciled run rampant after the two are photographed together on several occasions. Though some speculate the reunion is merely an effort to promote the film, Pop Sugar posts seemingly unstaged photos of the couple taken at Stewart's home. The intimate photos, which are dubbed "creepy from-the-shrubbery-cam shots," are later removed by Pop Sugar after the site posts a statement saying: "We have removed them out of respect for the privacy of celebrities."

Nov. 16, 2012: "Breaking Dawn: Part 2" is released. According to E!, the film earns $30.4 million during midnight screenings.