As if Kristen Stewart doesn't have enough on her plate with Breaking Dawn: Part 2, Snow White and the Huntsman and On the Road, she is set to add yet another film role to her list of projects. Stewart will play a minor role in the upcoming K-11. The film is being directed by, none other than Jules Stewart, the star's mother. The first time filmmaker has worked as a script supervisor since the 1980's and is no doubt capitalizing on her daughter's undeniable fame. Born in Australia, she was worked on such popular films as Mortal Combat and XXX. 

Stewart was initially planning on starring in her mother's project but when she was offered the title role in Snow White and the Huntsman she opted for a big budget action film over the modest indie drama. K-11 tells the story of a major record producer whose excessive drug use lands him in a Los Angeles prison. If that's not bad enough, he finds that he's been forced to bunk in a section of the jail reserved for transsexuals. It stars illegally hot Croatian actor and former ER doc Goran Visnjic. 

News of K-Stew's involvedment with K-11 was announced via Twitter:  

Great news! RT @RealJulesStew: Excited to say that a final stage addition to @K11OfficialFilm is Kristen playing a small role. #K11