A French company is recalling a brand of breast implants which may have been used on thousands of Australian women.

The recall has already been issued in France and Sweden by the manufacturer, Poly Implant Prothese (PIP).

After an increase in cases of silicone breast implants rupturing, France's health regulatory agency, Afssaps investigated the company and discovered that the company is using a silicone gel different than the one that was reported when it was put on the market.  The agency said it was recalling the implants at issue and recommended that women who have such implants see their surgeons for an examination and get annual ultrasounds.

The Australian College of Cosmetic surgeons CEO Dr John Flynn is keen to stress that there has been no recall in Australia at this stage.

He says the Therapeutic Goods Association is still conducting a risk assessment.

I think it is important that until we actually understand what the risk is before we give people preceptive advice, he said.

I would recommend that any patient who has, or suspects they have, this particular brand of implant, that in the first instance they should make contact with their doctor.

Dr Flynn says women should not panic about the health implications.

Patients and doctors are going to be upset and the issue of anything in relation to breasts generally becomes very emotive, he said.

It's important that we work out what the facts of the matter are before anything happens.