If retired quarterback Brett Favre wasn't overexposed enough, here comes some more Favre news. USA Today reported that Favre is rumored to be a future contestant on ABC's Dancing with the Stars.

Turns out the rumor was completely false, but the idea that it was even floated around explains a lot about the puzzling media obsession with Favre.

For sports fans who watch ESPN on a consistent basis, Favre is a story that many are praying will go away. While other star players found a way to retire, and respectfully fade off into the distance, Favre's storied decline has been a never-ending soap opera. From incessant retirement talk with the Packers, to his tumultuous time with the Jets, to the rollercoaster stories between him and Vikings' coach Brad Childress, Favre has been an unstoppable force of ESPN coverage.

So now with the possibility of Favre staying in the Disney family by starring on ABC, expect yet more Favre stories.

Of course, he is being sued, so that's a story that ESPN has no choice but to cover. But make no mistake, Favre loves the attention, and ESPN loves giving it to him. He'll gladly take up ballroom dancing if it's in front of a national audience.

If the rumor turns out to be true, it poses the question: when will ABC/ESPN finally decide to pull the plug on Favre's face time? How much air time is too much air time?

Let's at least hope he's still committed to retirement.