A Florida man was arrested on battery charges after he blew in an officer’s face and spit on the cop because he “doesn’t take orders from Asians,” according to an arrest report.

Brian Christopher Hussey, 27, of Crestview in the Panhadle, was stopped by the officer, who asked about his welfare.

“During the encounter the defendant blew in my face two times,” the officer said, according to the arrest report obtained Wednesday by the Northwest Florida Daily News. "He was advised twice to not blow in my face. The defendant told me he could blow in my face and that he doesn’t take orders from ‘Asians.’ The defendant blew in my face a third time and not only struck me with air, but spit as well.”

The spit landed on the cop’s right cheek and right lens of his eyeglasses, the Fort Walton Beach newspaper reported. Hussey is expected to be in court March 4 to answer charges of battery on a law enforcement officer.