The baby bliss has worn off between Louis Tomlinson and Briana Jungwirth and now it's time to get down to business. The pair, who are not a couple, welcomed their first child together. Now they're hard at work nailing down living arrangements and child support agreements.

According to TMZ, Tomlinson has moved Jungwirth and their son into a home in Calabasas, California. These reports come amid rumors the One Direction crooner had purchased the new-mom a $10 million home. There is no official word on what the new dig costs, but the publication reports it's not in the millions. Tomlinson will be living nearby in Los Angeles. With their housing squared away the pair have just one more thing to worry about: how much will Tomlinson pay in child support?

It has been reported that Jungwirth is seeking $600,000 a year from the pop star. TMZ claims that how much she actually gets will be determined by the state of California based on a number of factors. Child support arrangements are said to be based off how much the paying parent makes and the needs of the child in question. No agreement has been reached at this time.

While the proud parents scramble to take care of their issues, One Direction fans have been busy stressing about what Tomlinson and Jungwirth named their son. A number of rumors have surfaced surrounding the baby boy's name, but one in particular has Twitter users in an uproar. As was reported on Monday, it was rumored that the first time parents had named their son Conchobar. Twitter fans scrambled to figure out the pronunciation which, as it turns out, is just like the traditional Connor. The name has roots in both Ireland and England and is thought to mean "lover of hounds." Other names swirling around the internet include Sydney Rain, Wilson Oliver and Jacob.

The child was born on Jan. 22, though Tomlinson did not announced the birth for a few days. Initial reports about the One Directioner becoming a father came from sources close to Jungwirth, according to People magazine. Tomlinson then confirmed the good news on Twitter telling his followers the newborn was both "healthy" and "amazing."