Things are looking up for Bristol Palin following her somber pregnancy announcement June 28. Although her family allegedly does not support her decision to have another child out of wedlock, it appears her former fiancé Levi Johnston is behind her all the way.

The 25-year-old recently spoke out about Palin's second pregnancy, and what he had to say might shock you. Johnston told TMZ he was sorry to hear about his ex's recent misfortunes, specifically the fact that she had called off her wedding to Dakota Meyer. He and wife Sunny reportedly plan to do whatever they can to help Palin in her time of need. Johnston also told the site he had every confidence in Bristol, saying she's "a great mom." 

Palin shared her baby bombshell in a less-than-excited blog post on June 25. She told fans her second pregnancy was "a huge disappointment" for her her family, friends and fans, but added that she did "not regret this baby." The daughter of former vice presidential hopeful Sarah Palin later clarified that this child was planned. She is already the mother of a 6-year-old boy whom she and Johnston share custody of. 

Johnston and Bristol were engaged to be married on two different occasions. The couple first got engaged before their son's birth in December 2008. They called it off just two weeks after Tripp's birth but continued to work on their relationship. Johnston popped the question for a second time in early July 2010. By the end of the month the pair had, once again, decided not to move forward with their engagement. 

Since breaking up, they have spent a majority of their time in a nasty custody battle. According to reports, Johnston was demanding he get the same amount of time with his son as Bristol does. The single mother was quick to shut down his requests for more time, claiming he owed her more than $60,000 in child support as of October 2013. He was denied shared custody.

Bristol has not yet responded to her ex's comments.