The British Prime Minister David Cameron  has come under fire for hiring Andy Coulson as his Director of Communications.

A series of continued misjudgements have all but damaged his reputation and the involvement of his friends and associates in the News International Crisis has worsened this. Invariably, Cameron is caught in the centre of all this drama for being a close friend of  Rupert Murdoch, Rebekah Brooks  and for hiring Coulson.

Apparently, Cameron had hosted Coulson in March  at Chequers, less than two months after he resigned as the director. It seems very unlikely that Cameron had no clue of what was going on with so many friends and associates involved in the scandal.

However, Cameron defended himself in parliament saying that the government has been fully transparent in its dealings with the media and that a Judicial Enquiry had been announced to look into the hacking scandal.

Cameron had been receiving attacks from all quarters today and with the Deputy PM saying that he had warned Cameron over hiring Coulson, there was no end to Cameron's troubles.

But the British PM argues that he employed Coulson in good faith and that he was trying to give him another chance after all that happened and adds that no one had questioned Coulson's conduct while in office.

Taking full responsibility for hiring Coulson, Cameron maintains that if Coulson was proved wrong, he would face charges.