Britney Spears might have rejected ITV's offer to join Simon Cowell's X Factor as a judge for $10 million. But the singer appears to be impressed by the addition of $5 million to the original amount.

The Criminal singer, if she collects the amount, will become the highest paid judge on reality television, leaving behind Jeniffer Lopez who had a deal of $12 million to judge for American Idol.

Earlier reports said that Spears initially had asked for a whooping $20 million for the same, but apparently, the deal is set to be sealed at $15 million. However, Fox and Spears's representatives have not officially confirmed the news.

In the second season of the X Factor, 30-year-old Spears will be collecting $13 million for judging along with Cowell and record executive L.A. Reid and she is paid $2 million for performing on the show, the Wrap has reported a source as saying.

Is it a fair deal considering the fact that former judge Paula Abdul received a relatively paltry sum of $2.5 million during the first season? Well, Cowell sure has his reasons. He had hinted earlier that he was on the lookout for a very famous actress and singer. We're looking at a very famous singer and one very famous actress. You've gotta talk to everybody, he had said.

The deal, although agreed upon, has still not been signed. Simon Cowell last month told Good Morning New York that the news could not be confirmed immediately.

You'll have to wait and see. I can't confirm or deny anything right now. The truth is, we are talking to a number of people, he had said.

Simon Cowell's former lover Paula Abdul, Steve Jones and Nicole Scherzinger were fired unceremoniously after season one.

So $15 million is a big some for a judge of a reality show. Who else earns big bucks judging reality shows?

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