It is safe to say that it's official, Britney Spears is back on top, and Nicole Richie's Britney dance-off proves this. A couple years ago media and celebrities alike were taking any stab at Britney that they could.

Now, it seems that Paris Hilton's old BFF's is rallying for the Queen of Pop. Richie posted on her Twitter page, In honor of my queen, @BritneySpears - Can't wait to dance tonight! (We assume she was referring to the LA Staples Center Femme Fatale show which took place last night.) Richie also linked back to her FB Page which said, Who won the Britney dance off? Like this page to find out!

In 2010, Richie told US Magazine that she is a die-hard Britney Spears fan.

Yesterday, Britney Spears launched a sneak peek to her latest video 'I Wanna Go,' which shows the pop star taking out paparazzi with her microphone. The star also showed an exclusive 30-second preview of the video on Bravo's 'Watch What Happens: Live' last night.

And in true Britney style, her new tour 'Femme Fatale' kicked off last week with elaborate costumes, lots of dancing and piercing screams from the audience.

Last night Britney took the stage at the Los Angeles Staples Center, where she opened with 'Hold It Against Me.' The set included 22 songs, with favorites such as, 'Baby One More Time' (in a slower version), 'Toxic,' and 'Boys.' 

Nicki Minaj joined Britney for the show's close which included confetti and fireworks. 

Whether you love or hate her music, there is no denying that the arguably most famous pop star (in the world) still has the power to attract millions of viewers and screaming fans, and inspire an impromptu dance-off every now and then.

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