Britney Spears’ video for Hold it Against Me is out and yes the web world is busy commenting how good or bad it is. Whether the video will match the popularity of the song remains to be seen.

The video has a svelte Britney moving around in a futuristic setting. While there is not much of 'dancing' in the song, what really catches the eye is the fight sequence between Britney and Britney in the last part of the song. It has been done well.

Britney released 14 teasers before she premiered the video on MTV. She finally tweeted the release: Without further adieu, I present my video for 'Hold It Against Me', directed by the wonderful Jonas Akerlund.”

Larry Rudolph, the singer's longtime manager, spoke to MTV News about the climactic fight sequence and clarified that Britney had indeed used a body double for the clip's dance scenes. It was good, Rudolph said. Of course, there was a body double in there that she was fighting most of the time, which is where some confusion came in...

The video has used product placements with flashes of her fragrance, Sony, Makeup for Ever and video has all the vintage Britney essentials of skimpy leather outfits and a bridal-like gown emphasizing her constant innocent/naughty theme.

Britney has worked hard to get her career back on the right footing after suffering a number of personal setbacks. Her latest single proves that she still is the pop queen after nearly ten years in the business.