Organizers of the 2012 Blue Cross Broad Street Run have said that the event reached its capacity of 30,000 runners registering in just five hours, but a second chance lottery will be held so that an additional 2,500 people may be allowed to register for the event.

A link to the lottery will be posted on the BroadstreetRun Web site later on Wednesday, and runners will have until Feb. 24 to enter the lottery, the Web site stated. The lottery will be chosen the following weekend.

The 10-mile run is quickly getting popular and it was reported that because of the huge volume of pople trying to register on Wednesday, the server began slowing down.

Some reports were that the server crashed. However, the organizers took to their Facebook page and posted the following message:

Servers have not crashed, instead they have been running very slowly due to volume. Hundreds of runners continue to be registered every minute. Thank you for your patience! reported that many potential registrants were frozen or kicked-out during the process of paying. Some of the potential registrants tried for an hour or more to get their application processed.

The 33rd annual Broad Street Run will take place at 8:30 a.m. on May 6.

The 30,000 allocated spots were taken within a record four days, according to