Actress Brooke Mueller, whose troubled relationship with actor and ex-husband Charlie Sheen has generated many a headline, is in plea bargain negotiations stemming from a December arrest, TMZ reported.

Mueller's attorney is meeting with Colorado prosecutor Arnie Mordkin to discuss a deferred prosecution, TMZ reported. Translation: Potential community service and classes for the troubled actress. The negotiations are to make sure that Mueller doesn't face jail time for cocaine possession or possession with intent to distribute, TMZ reported.

Mueller and Sheen got married in May 2008.

They're well matched and incredibly happy, a source told People magazine.

Their twin boys were born in 2009. Sheen was arrested later that year for allegedly attacking his wife. Mueller obtained a restraining order against Sheen, saying in legal documents that she was concerned that he was insane, People magazine reported.

Mueller moved on only to face problems within. She completed a drug and alcohol treatment program in 2011, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Her next date in court will either be on March 5 or April 2, according to TMZ's report.