Kris Jenner is not the only one on team Bruce Jenner. Following the release of the Photoshopped InTouch Weekly cover featuring the former Olympian and “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” reality-TV star dressed as a woman, actor and comedian Russell Brand defended Jenner on his YouTube show “The Trews” Friday.

In the Season 2, episode 36 video titled “Bruce Jenner’s Gender Identity: What Should We Think?” the 39-year-old British actor and comedian spoke out against several outlets, mainly TMZ, for being “transphobic” when reporting on Jenner’s alleged gender transformation. Brand’s rant comes four months after photographs of Jenner, 65, sporting longer hair, manicured fingernails, a shaved larynx and enlarged breasts first appeared online.

“Stop. Stop. Bruce Jenner is a human being,” Brand said, shaming the webloid for “unraveling all that is sacred” and giving the public the energy to be “judgmental and cruel toward transgender folk.”

“This is not dissociated from the more vivid and violent terrors and horrors of the world,” he said of the reports involving Jenner's appearance. “This climate of bullying and judgment and cruelty is a violence of its own nature. It contributes to the climate. All of these things are real.”

InTouch InTouch magazine reported, citing sources, that Bruce Jenner will publicly accept his transition into a woman in 2015. Photo: Facebook/InTouch Weekly

Brand then mocked a Hollyscoop broadcast which asked readers to tweet their opinions on Jenner’s alleged transformation. “Do you think that Bruce Jenner should be allowed to express himself? Tweet us and let us know! Do you think that people should be judged until they're driven into a hole, perhaps even suicide? Let us know!” he said.

The “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” and “Rock of Ages” actor went on to slam the media for publishing content scrutinizing Jenner's life choices. “I suppose one day these artifacts will be strewn in some wasteland, civilization will end. ... In the ashes, these are the artifacts we leave. These kind of judgments, these kind of attitudes," he said. "Extra-terrestrials picking through the trinkets left behind. What kind of people will they think that we were?” 

The video concluded with Brand telling viewers to educate themselves on the topic of transgenderism by visiting and The Angels forum.

Brand typically uses his YouTube show to discuss the “true news” about various causes he deems worthy, such as the Charlie Hebdo attack, war, veganism and finances. As of Tuesday, he had just over 913,000 subscribers. 

InTouch is the latest outlet to report on Jenner’s alleged transgender secret, which they claim will be revealed in 2015. On its Jan. 26 cover, the magazine published an image of the father of six and stepfather of four sporting lipstick and a scarf, a Photoshopped image that reportedly angered his about-to-be ex-wife and co-star, Kris Jenner. "It's just mean to do, whether or not it's true,” Kris told friends following the magazine’s release, TMZ reports. 

Check out Russell Brand's video below: