Bruce Jenner appears to be embracing his new identity as he gears up to make his debut as a woman on national television. The 65-year-old former Olympic champion-turned-reality-TV-star has been rumored to be transitioning from male to female since finalizing his divorce from Kris Jenner in December. Multiple outlets have reported that Jenner has undergone various surgeries, including rhinoplasty (a nose job), breast augmentation and having his Adam’s apple shaved down to appear more feminine.

Now, the New York Daily News has published photos of the former Kardashian patriarch outside his Malibu, California, home wearing women's clothing. The photos show a figure, apparently Jenner, standing outside the mansion smoking while wearing a black and white-striped maxi dress with a large slit up the front. Although it is not clear, the photos appear to support reports that he had a breast augmentation procedure. He also looks to be wearing women’s sandals in the snapshots.

While these are the first photos that seem to show Jenner wearing women’s clothes, TMZ reports that he’s had a “tendency” to do so for more than two decades. The site claims he has been doing this since long before he married Kris 22 years ago. Still, reports say that Kris (his third wife) never actually saw Bruce wear women’s clothes, and that he did not reveal he was transgender until after their marriage was over. Jenner has two children with Kris and four more from previous marriages.

Jenner will reportedly discuss all that and more in his interview with Diane Sawyer Friday on ABC. Previews for the tell-all suggest this is something he has wanted his whole life but only began seriously exploring less than a year ago. He reportedly hopes “Bruce Jenner: The Interview” will be taken seriously and serve as an inspiration for other transgender people.

The sit-down is being used as a reported lead-in to a docuseries that will follow Jenner from the earliest stages of his transition through gender reassignment surgery. The series was previously halted so he could ensure his entire family was on board before it went to air. The series is also expected to air on E! alongside his family’s hit show “Keeping Up With The Kardashians.”