Bruce Willis has participated in countless interviews to promote the newly released action film “Red 2,” but it is one interview in particular that is getting more recognition than any of the others. Willis, 58, who sat down with his 48-year-old co-star Mary-Louise Parker in London recently to discuss the film, appears to purposefully cause discomfort during his interview with Magic 105.4 radio station reporter Jamie Edwards.

Edwards, who starts off the interview with the stars by calling it a “pleasure" and consistently compliments the film, is repeatedly shot down by Willis. The awkward conversation starts at 50 seconds into the four-minute clip when Willis, famous for his role in the film “Die Hard," informs the interviewer that he isn’t enjoying their conversation. “Has any actor ever told you this James? This part is not acting what we’re doing right now. You might be, but we are just selling the film now. Sales. The fun part was making the movie,” says Willis. When Edwards asks him what he would say to sell the film he says he would “slash his hooves.”

The awkward tension ensues when Willis interrupts Parker’s question on what the film includes. “I think people say that it has a little bit of everything. It has romance, action comedy,” she says before Willis interrupts by saying the film also offers “recipes” and “fashion tips." Willis finally snaps when Edwards questions a particular chase scene in the film. “Bruce, I can imagine you just love to get in a car and drive off. I can imagine you doing the whole Route 66 thing one day,” says Edwards, to which Willis responds, “I’m thinking about driving right now. I can hardly keep my mind on this interview.”

While Willis is arguably more well-known than Edwards, who has been an entertainment presenter for the media company for several years, he is the one getting praise from fans on Twitter for remaining professional throughout the head-scratching interview. While Edwards has remained relatively mum regarding the incident, he tweeted out thank you a message Wednesday to fellow actor and “The Wolverine” star Hugh Jackman following a recent interview saying, “This is what happens when it goes right!! Always a pleasure to chat with @RealHughJackman.”

This isn't the first time Willis has been flamed for his interview etiquette. The actor was also criticized following a sit down with BBC's "The One Show" reporters Matt Baker and Alex Jones while promoting his film "A Good Day to Die Hard" in Feb. According to viewers, the actor only provided noticeably short answers, one viewer telling UK's The Mirror, "It’s not often that I feel sorry for Matt and Alex but this was torture.[They] desperately tried to ask questions and get something of interest out of him whilst he mumbled and hesitated and was generally incoherent."