Every time Roberto Luongo has come to Boston he's been pummeled and the Bruins are hoping they can take some of that home-ice magic with them for Game Seven of the Stanley Cup Finals in Vancouver.

In just the three games in Boston, Luongo has given up 15 goals. In Game Six, he was pulled in the first period after allowing three goals on the Bruins' first eight shots.

Bruins goalie Tim Thomas on the other hand has been spectacular, giving up only eight goals in all six Finals games.

After a one goal victory at home in Game Five, Luongo chose to downplay his counterpart's play, saying about the game-deciding goal, It's an easy save for me, but if you're wandering out and aggressive like he does, that's going to happen.

The Bruins were incensed that Luongo would call out their goalie and responded on their home ice in Game Six by thrashing the Canucks 5-2. In the three games in Boston, the Bruins have scored 17 goals, but only two on the road.

With Game Seven in Vancouver, the Canucks are hoping that they can hold onto their home ice advantage and win the Stanley Cup. The Bruins are going to Vancouver believing that they have enough momentum to take the Cup on their rivals' ice.

What to Expect for Game Seven?

The Bruins have come out strong and physical in every game on their home ice. They've gotten goals from all across the roster and clamped down defensively on the NHL's best regular-season offense.

The Canucks have struggled offensively all series and have not yet gotten enough of a contribution from either of the NHL's last two scoring leaders: twins Henrik and Daniel Sedin.

The Canucks have won every game on their home ice so far, but not one convincingly, so they're going to need big performances from their stars to counter what should be a fired up Bruins team.

The margin of victory in the three games in Vancouver has been one goal each time, so Boston will need an improved effort in Game Seven. They've been shut out in two of the three games, and that doesn't bode well for Game Seven.

The game will be tough and physical. These two teams really dislike each other, and not just because they're opponents in the Stanley Cup. There have been trash-talking, dirty hits, suspensions, and injuries on both sides so each team has a vendetta against the other.

Expect inspired performances from both teams and unbelievable noise level in the arena as Canucks fans try to will their team to its first ever Stanley Cup victory.

In other words, Game Seven should be one to remember.

PREDICTION: The Bruins finally don't fall flat on the road. Knowing this is their last shot, they play with the same fire that brought them victories at home and win the franchise's first Stanley Cup since 1972. Despite deafening noise in Rogers Arena the Bruins hold on to win the Cup by a very narrow margin. Bruins' goalie Tim Thomas wins the Conn Smythe Trophy for Finals MVP.

SCORE PREDICTION: Bruins 3, Vancouver 2