The Los Angeles Police Department have released the name of the suspect in the Bryan Stow beating case.  The name of the suspect is Giovanni Ramirez, a 31-year-old with three prior convictions.

Stow, a father of two and a Giants' fan, was brutally assaulted outside of Dodger Stadium after a game with the San Francisco Giants on opening day. 

Ramirez, whose convictions included robbery and gun firing in public, along with another other suspect, allegedly beat Stow, who was then forced to be put in a medically-induced coma due to the injuries.  Stow, still in critical condition, is back in San Francisco after being medically flown to be closer to loved one.

Ramirez's parole agent alerted police to the possibility of a math with the description and sketches released by the police.  This was the break in the case that the LAPD needed to make the arrest on Sunday.

At a news conference this afternoon, Stow's family members expressed their thanks to the LAPD.

We never gave up hope that this day would come; that the beginning of justice being served would happen, Erin Collins, Stow's sister.  Our family would like to express our deep gratitude to the LAPD for their exhaustive efforts.

The LAPD are still working on the arrest of the other suspect, along with others that were possibly at the scene.  The police have detained several people for questioning in the case.