"BTS Bon Voyage" episode 7 sees Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook continuing their Europe getaway without leader Rap Monster.

In the previous episode, Rap Monster was forced to go back to South Korea after he lost his passport and couldn't get it replaced, so he couldn't join the rest of his members as they continue their adventure in Finland. In "BTS Bon Voyage" episode 7, the group, minus Rap Monster, have a blast exploring nature and spending time together in Rovaniemi.

Before their hike, Suga, Jin, V and Jungkook first head to the nearest supermarket, where they buy more food and necessities for camping. As usual, Suga, who is also the one entrusted with the boys' allowance for the day, takes charge of buying groceries, picking out fruits, vegetables and other food items for his members while the other three play around. And while the second eldest member is paying for their groceries, Jin, V and Jungkook decide to play a prank on Suga by hiding behind a nearby display, hoping to surprise him when he comes out of the supermarket. As usual, however, it doesn't work on Suga, who doesn't play along with the three childish members' antics.

Meanwhile, J-Hope and Jimin are told by the producers to head over to another location where they will be filming by themselves. While riding the train, the two take the time to admire the scenery and talk about how they're the ones who always seem to get singled out.

The six BTS members later converge at the bike rental shop, where they each get fitted with a helmet and bike for their next activity. As promised in episode 6, the six boys will go biking along the city. Equipped with only a map and directions from their tour guide, they will follow the trail and explore various landmarks until they complete the course.

While biking, V and Jimin spontaneously perform one of their random, funny skits, this time pretending to be two elderly men going on a morning bike ride in town. The other four members are having just as much fun as the 95-liners, admiring the beautiful sights they see along the way. "This is really healing," Jimin says.

Unfortunately, their exploring gets cut short when the rain starts pouring down hard, so the producer suggests that they go to the sauna instead. Of course, the BTS members just can't avoid getting into all sorts of shenanigans when they're together, even when they're only supposed to be enjoying a relaxing afternoon at the local sauna.

Find out what happens to the BTS members when they arrive at the sauna and watch the complete "BTS Bon Voyage" episode 7 on VLive+.