A $1.9 million car, an eco-friendly Batmobile and a flying car all sat under one roof at the 2012 New York International Auto Show. 

The NY Auto Show kicked off on Wednesday at the Javits Center on the West Side of Manhattan with brands like Maserati, Mercedes, BMW, Lexus, Infiniti, Land Rover and more showing off their up-and-coming vehicles for 2013 as well as concept cars that some might not even dream could exist.

One of the most tantalizing vehicles of the day for many at the NY Auto Show was the Bugatti -- a black and white masterpiece priced at $1.9 million. The car attracted oglers throughout the day who posed happily with a car they could only hope to one day own. Of course, one of the three Mega Millions winners could buy 80 Bugattis each with their big-money wins.

Another eye-catcher was BMW's i8 Concept Car. BMW also unveiled its electrifying concept models from the BMW i Series -- the i3 Concept Car and the i8 Concept Car -- at the 2012 NY Auto Show. The i3 is the first Series-produced all-electric car and is crafted for those living in urban areas. The i8 brings together a combustion engine and an electric-driving system. The BMW i3 Series will be available in 2013 and the i8 will follow shortly thereafter. The i8 model was particularly snazzy because of its Batmobile-esque physique. The beautiful silver sheen and blue accents made BMW's electric cars sights to be seen.

Bentley, which saw a 55.3 percent increase in sales revenue in 2011 unveiled its newest models, including the GTC and the EXP 9 F SUV Concept. One of the major market-pushers for Bentley in 2011 were its China consumers. Bentley purchases in China shot up 97.6 percent in 2011. To celebrate this fantastic success, Bentley revealed its new flashy paint color -- Dragon Red -- in honor of the Year of the Dragon at the NY Auto Show. COO and president of Bentley Motors of America, Christophe Georges, told the International Business Times that he is very excited for Bentley's concept SUV, as Bentley customers have been asking for a car of that sort for ages now. It is a new market, but it still has Bentley's DNA, said Georges.

Finally, the Terrafugia flying car, dubbed The Transition, had a crowd of fans surrounding it during the first day of the 2012 NY Auto Show. It seemed like a car out of boyhood dreams. Have we reached the dawn of the Golden Age for flying cars?

The company is already soliciting $10,000 down payments on the $279,000 price tag of the flying car, wrote PC Mag's Damon Poeter. Last summer, Terrafugia said the personal aircraft could be released by the end of 2012. The company is aiming for sales in 'fly-in' communities like the 600 or so such locales in the U.S. where people either own small planes or ferry in and out of town on them.

With this flight, the team demonstrated an ability to accomplish what had been called an impossible dream, Terrafugia co-founder, CEO, and chief technology officer Carl Dietric said after the March 23 test flight. We look forward to continuing to show that the challenges of bringing a practical street legal airplane to market can be overcome.

Check out the hottest cars from the 2012 NY Auto Show in the following slideshow.