Jonah Mowry, a bullied gay and an eighth-grader whose Whats going on went viral on YouTube, has advised other teens, who empathize with him, to open up and talk about what they feel.

The 14-year-old appeared for his first television interview on ABC's Good Morning America show Friday with his parents and brother.

Mowry said about his initial reaction to the video: I was just like, really happy and excited to know that people would be there for me and that the topic was getting the attention it needed.

He said that when he uploaded the video at about 4 p.m. in August, he was very nervous at the prospects of another school year of endless bullying. I didn't think I could make it because last year, when I had all the support, I barely made it out, he said.

Mowry described the suffering he endured at the hands of cruel bullies as pretty bad.

I would come home crying a lot, but I wouldn't tell anybody, so that just made it worse. And also, having the weight of having to come out to my parents, he said.

Since the video went viral he has received support from his school principal, who reassured him he would do his best to make sure no further abuse would occur, he said.

Mowry's mother Peggy Sue said she was aware of the fact that her son was being teased, but didn't want to worsen the issue. She said she was shocked after watching the video, especially when her baby was thinking of committing suicide.