In an accident captured on video, a 22-year-old Australian student named Erin Langworthy nearly plunged to her death on Dec. 31 into a river infested with crocodiles after her bungee cord broke while bungee jumping in Zimbabwe.

I think it is definitely a miracle that I survived, Erin Langworthy said in a statement.

Langworthy was bungee jumping at a bridge at Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, 365 feet above the Zambezi river, when her cord suddenly snapped, plunging her head first into the river. Video footage shows Langworthy jumping from the bridge and the cord breaking just seconds later.

I actually brought my arms up over my face, to protect myself when I hit the water. I sort of remember it all, it was quite cold so it snapped me out of it, Langworthy said on Good Morning America.

With her legs fastened together, Langworthy struggled to bring herself to safety while swimming amidst crocodiles.

I tried to stay afloat, and your legs are quite heavy cause of the line. I was hearing the rapids. Luckily we had been rafting, so I remembered some of the safety tips, she said.

Langworthy reportedly was pulled downstream and entangled by the bungee cord before she eventually swam to the Zimbabwe bank of the river where she was rescued.

When I was first brought out of the water, they put me on my back and so all the water I had inhaled meant that I couldn't breathe, she told Australia's Channel 9 News. So I made them roll me on to my side and that's when I started coughing up water and blood.

According to ABC News, Langworthy suffered some cuts and bruises but mainly her lungs are irritated and she fractured her collar bone.

The main problem is my lungs. So I'm stuck in South Africa longer then I thought, she said.

According to the Victoria Falls National Park Web site, nearly 50,000 people bungee jump at the bridge between Zimbabwe and Zambia, but this was the first bungee accident ever, according to the operator.

Officials are investigating what caused the bungee cord, which Erin Langworthy reportedly paid $130 for with a program through Safari Par Excellency, to break.