The Russian people have chosen, and although they seem to be having some trouble choosing a national leader there was a strong consensus in sending Buranovskiye Babushki to Azerbaijan to compete in the 2012 Eurovision song contest with their dance-hall hit single Party For Everybody. Buranavoskiye Babushki, is made up of eight Russian grandmothers, though only six will be allowed to compete according to Eurovision rules.

Buranovskiye Babushki (translation: grannies from Buranovo) won the public vote on March 7, reported RIA Novosti. The article did not reveal the grannies' specific ages, but noted that they are all over 70 years old.

Eurovision, perhaps one of the weirdest and most watched musical competitions on earth, takes place every year and pits one band from each country in Europe (plus Israel) in a contest of musical talent and creativity. The entire thing is broadcast on TV across Europe and the winner is decided by votes from viewers.

This is not the first time Buranovskiye Babushki has competed on Eurovision. In 2012 they won third place with the song Dlinnaja-Dlinnaja Beresta I Kak Sdelat Iz Nee Aishon (Very long birch bark and how to turn it into a turban). There new song features lyrics in both their native Udmurt language, as well as an English chorus, which may push the group to first place. The last time a Russian group won Eurovision was in 2008, when Dima Bilan's pop song Believe won the contest.

The singing grannies have no aspirations of stardom. Their humble goal is raise enough money through the competition to build a new church in their hometown.

A total of 42 countries will participate in the 2012 Eurovision, which takes place May 22 to 26.