Burger King is introducing one dollar items to its breakfast lineup, looking to compete in the morning market, which is quickly becoming a lucrative and crowded battle ground for fast-food restaurants.

The Breakfast Value Menu, which launched on Friday, will offer low priced sandwiches, coffee and other items. New items on the menu include Cheesy-Tots - described as bite-sized melted cheese portions inside a crispy potato crust – and the Hamlette cheese and ham sandwich.

The goal is to give customers “more choices, more convenience, more value” at breakfast time, according to John Schaufelberger, a company vice president of marketing.

Rivals are seeking to expand their presence as well, with McDonald’s (NYSE: MCD), testing new breakfast items for its Dollar Menu, and Wendy’s also contemplating entry into the market.

McDonald’s said Wednesday that it had had a successful three months to end the year, posting healthy growth. Analysts attributed the 6.9 gain in profit in part to innovation in its breakfast segment.

Other competitors set to enter the market include Wendy’s (NYSE: WEN), which is testing a breakfast menu in 120 stores, Yum! Brand’s (NYSE: YUM) Taco Bell, and Starbucks (NASDAQ: YUM), which exploring the addition of breakfast sandwiches to its lineup.

The Burger King chain has more than 11,000 restaurants around the world.

Shares of Burger King were up 32 cents, or 1.55 percent to $20.91 in morning trading on the New York Stock Exchange.