Cadillac Wednesday introduced the Urban Luxury Concept, which interweaves compact dimensions with the design, features and technology that Cadillac is famous for.

While small in size, this concept is an exploration of what Cadillac could be in the future, as the brand continues to focus on redefining industry standards for advanced vehicle design and integrated technology, said Don Butler, vice president for Cadillac marketing. 

The Mini Cooper-size Caddy city concept has doors that open by rotating forward rather than hinging out. Like Aston Martin's tiny Cygnet presented in London this week, Caddy is another luxury-car maker looking at what vehicles it can offer to dense urban areas where parking is tough and streets are crowded and narrow, the company said.

The Urban Luxury Concept comes with a wheelbase of just over 97 inches, while measuring an overall length of 151 inches, width of 68.1 inches and a height of less than 57 inches.

Cadillac seats four, with easy access to all seats available via a pair of scissor-type doors that extend outward and rotate forward when opened. The luxury car is gas-electric hybrid system with a 1-liter, 3-cylinder turbo gasoline engine that potentially could get 56 mpg city, 65 mpg highway.

This is a new vision in vehicle design that was created to answer the needs of city dwellers, said Frank Saucedo, lead designer. The door design is purposeful and technologically advanced, which is the essence of how we're taking Cadillac into the future.

The car will be displayed at the Los Angeles auto show, which opens to the public Friday.